Art and scaffolding

Posted on 10 SEPTEMBER, 2013

Scaffolding has been created and utilized with one purpose, to give access to place when you are constructing or refurbishing something, but some creative people can see thing in a very different way and produce amazing things.

One example is the work of Ben Long, he used to work in sites as a teenager and decided to create something new and as we can see in the pictures he got an adorable result out of his effort.

So what could you use your abilities and knowledge for?

Find more about this work at his website.

New stock management system

Posted on 9 SEPTEMBER, 2013

AllRound Group is always looking for new technologies and now we haply announce that the company is implementing the use of Avontus.

With this new software designed specifically for scaffolding inventories we will be able to manage all the gear easily and online.
Have a look at some features:

Accurate Inventory
• Instantly view quantities at branch offices and jobsites
• Windows, web, or mobile provides superior remote access of data
• Easy sharing of your data with UNLIMITED USERS
• Email notifications of shipments keep you up-to-date
• Track and bill the equipment you re-rent right inline with your own inventory (separate part number not required)
Rental Billing for Everyone
• Meets the complex needs of scaffold, shoring, formwork, and access companies
• Generates rental invoices for complex scenarios in a few clicks
• Compatible with accounting software for seamless job costing
Powerful Technology
• Built using the latest Microsoft technologies; fast, portable and efficient
• Sophisticated API for custom integration with your processes
• Multi User
• Unlimited roles (user types) allow you to manage your asset
• Common roles and permissions give you added security

 An easier and faster gear management system makes a big difference for our team and clients. 

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History of scaffolding

Posted on 17 JULY, 2013

Probably you know a lot about how scaffolding has evolved and all the technology that has been put it the design and architecture of scaffolding projects nowadays, but do you know how it all started?

Scaffolding projects exists for more than 10.000 years B.C. Drawings in accent world deplete men and women working on platforms, hieroglyphic’s in primitive worlds show the workers building the great tomes on scaffolding.

So scaffolding projects have been developed along with all the construction methods, coming from wooden battens tied together to the light and resistant aluminium that exists today.

AllRound Group and Rud on the Hammerhead Crane

Posted on 17 JULY, 2013

Built in 1951, and one of only 15 still standing around the world, the Hammerhead Crane is a very famous piece in Sydney's skyline and Allround Access was designated to replace the existing platforms under the crane.

After mounting all the platforms in the ground they were lifted up using a crane and then attached to the scaffolding that was built to give access to the top of the Crane.

In order to stabilize and make it quick and safe, AllRound used Rud as a supplier to deliver a solution using chains, fixing the all-new platforms to the crane in just a couple days.

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